Chen Halevi website
 This could have been another boring classical music site with horrible photos and lots of good reviews. I have these as well of course. But I wanted this to offer something more.

First-I will list all the premieres of pieces that were written for me. You will also be able to hear and see pieces that are not often played and which I think should become part of the standard repertoire.  

 I’ve put a little piece concerning my Teaching position in Trossingen Germany in which I try to explain my teaching method . also I Introduce a few of my most    delightful Current Musical Projects.

In addition I’ve put interviews with composers who work with me, and with people who have had a major influence on my life  like my oldBiography.htmlAudio_Video/Archive.htmlMedia/Media.htmlTeaching.htmlProjects/Projects.htmlInterviews/Interviews.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2shapeimage_2_link_3shapeimage_2_link_4shapeimage_2_link_5
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professors, other artists and some unique personalities of our profession .I wanted to introduce them to you and to hear what they have to say nowadays.

Please be patient-the site will be updated often. Promise. I still have many recordings and interviews to add-but this takes me lots of time and I have very little. I would love to hear from you-so don’t be afraid to drop me an email.


Chen Halevi